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Filmmaker wish Salman Khan to promote Ajaz Khan movie Love Day

Salman Khan, Ajaz Khan, movie, Love Day

Mumbai: Talk about mentoring and uplifting careers of ample of stars, the name that pops right up in your head is Dabang Khan, Salman Khan. It has been came under discussion that Bollywood actor Salman Khan to promote the to be releasing film Love Day.

We won’t be surprised if Salman Khan is bestowed with the title of God Father. Millions of his fans, admirers and industry friends, who have been closely associated with the generous and large hearted Khan for years, don’t call him Bhai for no reason! After all, Salman Khan has supported and encouraged several Bollywood aspirants to excel in their respective area of passion and helped them achieve a position where they can stand proudly today

The latest to join the bandwagon is soon-to-be-releasing film LOVE DAY. Salman Khan who firmly believes in the script and the star cast of the film lends his support holding a vision to promote the film along with the star cast during its promotional tour.

Producer of the film Baldev Singh mentions “Salman Khan has helmed the careers of many new comers in the industry, has encouraged new film makers and has cast his midas touch on their films. We are glad that Salman Bhai has approved of his trust in our film and shown interest in promoting it. His association with LOVE DAY will undoubtedly be an asset to Shree Rajlaxmi Ent. We are more than glad to have him to promote LOVE DAY”

Life without friends is like living in hell but when you have friends who are no less than devils can make your life a living hell. But then, that’s what friends are for to make your life hell and then burn with you in the hell. This is what upcoming film love day is all about.

It is a journey of three friends where we bring out the true meaning of friendship. Setup in a small town, the story revolves around three friends where Monty (Ajaz khan) introduces Harry (Harsh Nagar) and Sandy (Sahil Anand) to all wrong, but exciting things right from the childhood. Sandy and Harry often fall into trouble due to Monty’s antics. Their bond of friendship is not approved by their families and there comes a situation which forces the families of these two to separate the three and shift to Mumbai. But their friendship has a long way to go.

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