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FAST AND FURIOUS 7 star Ali Fazal is inspired from Aamir Khan!

FAST AND FURIOUS 7, Ali Fazal, Aamir Khan

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan can indeed inspire anyone! So how can newbie Ali Fazal be not influenced by him?

When asked about his unforgettable memory of life, actor Ali Fazal, who recently visited a media house office, candidly shared, “I always remember solving rubik’s cube with Aamir Khan on the sets of 3 IDIOTS, that’s my unforgettable memory. We were both timing each other (smiles).”

Ali Faizal added further, “He is bloody genius. Aamir is my inspiration for this hunger of knowledge and this is from that time onwards I changed completely. I never used to read books. In fact, I used to do nothing. I was not a reader. But thanks to him I picked up from there. He is always doing something in between the shots. He used to either play rubik’s cube or read anything but stay engaged anyhow. In fact, he was so fast in solving it, where I took 2 and a half minutes, he just did it in 55 seconds. He is mad completely!”

So, ask Ali if acting became his passion after meeting Aamir and he says, “As actors we love to learn and that’s our job.”

Ali is a part of FAST AND FURIOUS 7, which released this Friday worldwide.

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