Facts you didn’t know about Turkish sensation Can Yaman

Lesser-known facts about Can Yaman that will make you appreciate him even more.

Can Yaman
Source: Twitter

The actor hailing from the Turkish entertainment industry Can Yaman has garnered worldwide attention owing to his amazing career. He is now an international star with millions of people all over the world following him on Instagram.  The star made a name for himself through His portrayal in Turkish shows like ‘Early Bird’ and ‘Full Moon’.

Apart from his charming looks and praiseworthy acting, we are here to let you know about some of the lesser-known facts about Can Yaman that will make you appreciate him even more. Here we go:

1. Can studied in an Italian school and was also a good student. It is said that he used to be good in academics and even graduated first in class.

2. Apart from being a model and an actor, Can is also a lawyer. It was his father‘s desire for him to pursue that profession and he accomplished that milestone as well. Can also has a law firm that he owns with two of his friends.

3. Can is a man with many talents. He is a polyglot, which means, he is someone who is fluent in more than one language. He can speak English Turkish German as well as Italian.

4.The actor is also passionate about the art of cooking. He is known to prepare a dish that he came up with his own called ‘stuffed Grape leaves’. He has a unique style of preparing it.

5. That’s not all, can is also involved in sports. He grew up playing basketball and has achieved many titles while playing that particular sports.