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Exclusive: Fashion TV, Vice President Tom John Or-Paz talks about his journey

Exclusive: Fashion TV, Vice President Tom John Light talks about his journey

1) How was your journey from a digital media expert to Fashion TV (Vice President) and what were the major problems you faced covering this journey?

Answer: When I was heading InfoSearch Media Marketing division, which was the biggest online marketing division in the US – I had the opportunity to work with many big media companies (Such as Mens Health, Demand Media, and my creation eHow) , many big fashion companies(such as Nine West), as well as FashionTV themselves for the website. ISHM was sold later on for their stock market skeleton which led to cease of activities for the company I was pushed into moving towards using my skills in the industry I knew most about which was the online gambling and sports betting industry as CEO of and continued to starting my own consultancy agency until I was hired by FashionTV. I worked 30 days from Israel and was invited for a 2 day trip for meeting in the house of Mr. Michel Adam, the president and founder of FashionTV. The 2 day trip ended up being a 2 year trip as Michel Adam had asked me to continue travelling besides him around the world as his VP, changing countries every 2-3 days as FashionTV has vast activities within over 100 countries. My life had changed from living in a luxurious in Tel Aviv to living off of a suitcase for the longest time I was away from home. So the short answer, the major challenge I faced was just being home-sick 🙂

2) What you think about Bollywood Industry – Bold or Beautiful?
Answer: Beautiful.

3) What next Fashion TV planning for Bollywood Industry after the recent released Tamanchey?
Answer: We are discussing with market leading individuals in the industry but I’m not able to disclose the deals yet.

6) Which is the most beautiful lady according to Tom John Or-Paz ?
Adriana Lima. Preferably on a Victoria’s Secret runway show.

7) What you prefer Hollywood or Bollywood for entertainment?
As a kid I was acting a bit in Hollywood, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Fast and Furious’, etc… so I still have some sentiments to Hollywood but I must say Bollywood left a special feeling in my heart during my last visit.

10) What you want to say about Tamanchey actors Richa Chaddha and Nikhil Dwivedi?
Both are very talented individuals I had the opportunity to watch the trailer for the first time with them on the day of the trailer’s premiere – I can clearly see they have a passion for their profession.

11) What you want to say about
I love BollywoodDhamaka.

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