Erica Fernandes and Harshad Chopra team up for a brand new music video ‘Juda Kar Diya’

Both essayed the role of a young, happy couple in the ‘Juda Kar Diya’ music video.

Juda Kar Diya, Erica Fernandes, Harshad Chopra
Source: Instagram

Noted names from the Television industry Harshad Chopra and Erica Fernandes had been posting a lot of pictures on their social media for a while. Fans had instantly figured out that a new project is on the way and were highly excited. The duo revealed that they will be starring in a new music video known as ‘Juda Kar Diya’ and it is finally out now!

The music video is towards the serious side as it showcases some heavy emotions. The actors have depicted what an emotional turmoil a person goes through when they lose a loved one. Both Harshad and Erica essayed the role of a young, happy couple. Their life changes when one of them loses their life in a plane crash.

See the video here:

Both of them have looked great on screen. Erica is beautiful as ever and Harshad portrayed himself in a very convincing manner as a young man who lost someone he loves dearly and is trying to cope with it while grieving and being in emotional pain. The song got voiced by the melodious voice of Stebin Ben and Sanjeev Chaturvedi was the person behind the lyrics.