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Energy drink approaches Emraan Hashmi!

Energy drink, Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai: Emraan Hashmi, who, unlike his contemporaries, rarely appears in commercials, was recently approached by an energy drink brand for a whopping 4 crores to be part of the product’s commercial.

While Emraan has kept away from the brand space , his serial-kisser image underwent transformation with the spate of films he has been associated with recently ,including Ungli, which was a socially relevant film. Given his image makeover, the brand felt the actor would fit the brand’s perception perfectly.

Says a source, “Emraan recently met with the officials of a leading energy drink manufacturer. They have offered him nearly Rs 4 crore to do a commercial for them. So far, they have only discussed the concept and are awaiting Emraan’s nod.”

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