Dhanashree Verma and Yuzvendra Chahal share their wedding video!

It was during the end of December 2020 that Dhanashree Verma and Yuzvendra Chahal tied the knot. 

Dhanashree Verma, Yuzvendra Chahal
Source: Instagram

Sportsman from the Indian cricket team Yuzvendra Chahal and Youtube personality Dhanashree Verma have finally shared their wedding video. They are one of the most loved couples in the entertainment industry and fans were extremely delighted to get a closer look at their wedding ceremony.

As the video starts, Dhanashree hilariously explained how both of them are very different from one another when it comes to dancing. She also revealed that it was because of the dancing itself that they interacted with one another for the very first time.

See the video here:

The video also featured moments from pre ceremonies like the engagement and haldi. The full version of the video was also made available on Youtube under Dhanashree’s account. Under the description of the video, she mentioned, “We are extremely happy to be sharing our beautiful moments with you guys 🙂
We really hope this video makes your day and leaves a smile on your faces
Marriage is a beautiful bond of beautiful souls coming together, all we got to say is that love each other, understand and respect each other. Life is truly beautiful
Dhana & Yuzi.”

See it here:

It was during the end of December 2020 that Dhanashree and Yuzvendra tied the knot.