BTS member RM releases new song ‘Bicycle’

Hear the brand new track ‘Bicycle’ by RM from BTS here.

BTS, Bicycle
Source: Twitter

Notable K-Pop group which is famous internationally i.e. BTS has surprised fans yet again. RM, who is the member as well as the leader of the band has released a new song for the fans titled ‘Bicycle. It took over the internet in no time and fans, who like to call themselves the ARMY appreciated the deep lyrics and the calming melody of the song.

The track ‘Bicycle’ talks about finding joy in the simple pleasures of life when one is in a sad state of mind like riding a bicycle and feeling the wind underneath the feet while your arms are open wide. The song is reportedly based on singer RM’s own experience of riding his bike home when he visited his hometown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. RM, not only sang the track but also co-wrote it.

Hear the brand new track ‘Bicycle’ by RM from BTS here:

‘Bicyle’ is supposed to be a gift to the BTS fandom i.e. ARMY owing to the occasion of ‘Festa’. It is a two-week celebration to honour the band’s debut anniversary.