Bollywood movies that became iconic due to the meme community

Bollywood Dhamaka has curated a list of all the movies that are a huge hit in the meme community.

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The sudden internet boom in India led to a huge rise in the world of memes. Apart from the most random things becoming a viral trend, some films also found their way in the meme community that has made them evergreen and iconic. Be what the situation, people often take reference from the scenes of these films and make them relevant to the current topics.

Bollywood Dhamaka has curated a list of all the movies that are a huge hit in the meme community:

The ‘Hera Pheri’ franchise

The movie is extremely hilarious and relevant despite it being released a lot of years ago. It has found its way into the meme community as well. Some of the iconic scenes and dialogues are so funny that people often make use of them even while they are talking and the other person will know exactly where it’s from! It followed a simple premise and centered around three unemployed men who are trying to earn big bucks.


It is another classic that has resulted in a lot of hilarious memes through the years. Every character in this film has its own fan base and that’s one of the reasons why it impacted the audience and eventually the internet so much that it gave rise to rib-tickling Memes. Starring Akshay Kumar, ‘Welcome’ was the story of a simple man falling for a beautiful girl and later realising her family consist of notorious gangsters.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

It was filmmaker Priyadarshan’s horror-comedy. Although it released in 2007, Bhool Bhulaiyaa memes are still a hot topic on the internet. Be it, Rajpal Yadav as Chhota Pandit or Vidya Balan’s scary avatar of Monjolika, these characters have resisted the test of times and turned into memes.


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Chup Chup Ke

Actor Rajpal Yadav is mostly the star of all the memes that have resulted from this movie based on a debt-ridden young man who tries to attempt suicide but his life changes when he’s rescued and forms a new identity. Shahid Kapoor also played the role of a hilarious mute man in the movie that also became iconic for the internet.

Delhi Belly

This dark comedy might have been controversial when it came out in 2011, but the internet has hailed it as it has led to one specific meme from a scene that has always made people giggle no matter how silly it is. Delhi Belly was the story of three roommates who accidentally end up smuggling diamonds and fall into the radar of a gangster.