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Bollywood actress Asin’s Travel Tales

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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Asin has traveled the world on her personal and professional commitments, the actress who loves visiting exotic destinations admits to her trip to New Zealand very early on in her career as a memorable travel experience.

The actress first visited the picturesque location to shoot for one of her early films and also ended up celebrating her 18th birthday during the trip, one she will never forget. Since then she has been to the country more than ten times.

Asin says, “New Zealand is beautiful! My first trip there coincided with my 18th birthday. The scenic beauty of the country is a visual treat and I indulged in so many activities…Explored both the north island as well as the south island. There was so much to learn about the Maori tribe — the original inhabitants and how to date they’ve managed to keep their culture alive. Thanks to my work I have been able to explore and experience the country and totally fall in love with it.”

While most travel junkies love to click away their vacation,Asin chooses to avoid carrying a camera ,stressing more on enjoying the moment as compared to capturing the moment – “I have very few photographs of my travels.I don’t carry a camera with me…and phones are used to a minimum on holiday. We get so occupied in clicking pictures that we miss out on the actual experience” adds Asin.

A bohemian at heart, the actress enjoys meeting new people,tasting different cuisines from across the world and of course enjoys the local shopping – However Asin does admit a quirk she has , a souvenir she’s managed to bring back home from every trip .Says Asin , “ If im visiting any country for the first time I pick up a souvenir magnet from there as a memory… it’s a habit since childhood which I still have ,my fridge is covered with them”.

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