Billie Eilish has fun with her girlies in the ‘Lost Cause’ music video!

The entire video contained Billie Eilish and her girl friends going all over the house having a great time.

Billie Eilish, Lost Cause
Source: Twitter

The Youngest Grammy-winning icon Billie Eilish is back with new music. She recently released the music video for her new song ‘Lost Cause’. She looked extremely stunning in the music video that featured her and her girl gang in her sleepover-like setting. The song is about Billie singing to a formal lover and telling him he was nothing but just a ‘lost cause’ hence the name of the song.

The entire video contained Billie and her friends going all over the house having a great time. They were dancing around, playing darts, snacking, spraying eachother with silly strings and so on. Mostly known for her unique fashion sense and always being in baggy clothes, people got to see a slightly mature side to Billie and loved it.

See the Lost Cause music video with Billie Eilish here:

Lost Cause is the part of Billie Eilish’s new album titled ‘Happier Than Ever’ that will be releasing on 30 July 2021. Two songs from the album i.e. Your Power and Therefore I Am have already released and recieved a great response.