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Bedard: Hina Khan’s new music video weaves a tale of heartbreak

Hina Khan, Bedard

See Hina Khan’s Bedard music video here. 

Actress Hina Khan recently featured in a new music video that just got dropped today. It is called Bedard and apart from having soulful vocals, the song has also recited a captivating yet saddening tale of love, betrayal and heartbreak. Fans loved Hina Khan’s performance in the song immensely.

As the video starts, we see Hina’s character is excited to be getting married to someone she loves. Things take a twist when she is left at the ceremony as the person decides not to come to the ceremony and disappears from her life. She is then seen getting married to a stranger who turns out to be a producer and makes her a huge star. In spite of all this, she never develops feelings for the man. The video ends in a sorrowful tone as we are shown all three of them are left heartbroken due to such a circumstance.

See the Bedard music video here:

Singing sensation Stebin Ben voiced the song while the composition and lyrics were by Sanjeev Chaturvedi. The song is available on Pocket FM – Hindi’s Youtube handle. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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