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Arjun Kapoor Confirms Well-Being And Truth Of Video

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Arjun Kapoor caused quite a stir this morning when he shared a shocking live video on his Twitter Feed. The video went viral and now the actor confirms that the video was sent to him but the sheer shocking reality of tragedy engulfs him as it could have happened to him too.

The actor Arjun shared a video, where cars are colliding due to heavy fog in Delhi. He captioned it, “What’s happening in Delhi is dangerous in more ways than one can imagine…I’m filming here as I type this and I’m fearing things aren’t gonna really get any better…”

Within minutes the video went viral and fans were worried about the actor but Arjun Kapoor assured everyone in series of tweets that he is safe and infact the video was sent to him, which he shared.

He wrote, “I’m here for a few weeks for my shoot in Delhi but it’s disconcerting to see the city suffocating. We need to put politics and personal agendas aside stopping the blame game & come together to find a solution otherwise all of us are gonna be affected in more ways than we realise”

Further adding, Arjun wrote, “I hope & pray the people who are assigned the job of finding long term solutions activately seek & put them into action soon. As citizens we shouldn’t feel paranoid about the air we breathe. Our capital is suffering & we are all to blamed but now is the time to right our wrongs”

Actor Arjun also confirmed that he did not shoot the video, it was actually sent to him, which he shared. He wrote, “The video I posted was sent to me & as I stand at look out of the window the fear that engulfes me is that this is reality & it can happen to any of us if we aren’t extremely aware & carful. The smog is dangerous long term & short term. Really hope things improve. Stay safe Delhi”

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