Amit Trivedi and Shilpa Rao collaborate for a track called ‘Rusvaaiyaan’

While Amit Trivedi was the composer of Rusvaaiyaan, it was written by Kausar Munir.

Rusvaaiyaan, Amit Trivedi, Shilpa Rao
Source: Twitter

Celebrated music composer Amit Trivedi has released a new composition titled ‘Rusvaaiyaan’. It has vocals from Shilpa Rao and Shahid Mallya. The song captures what one goes through when their heart gets broken. The music video for the same contains beautiful choreography.

Shivani Patel Nihalini and Kunwaee Amarjeet Singh have been featured in the video. They managed to portray the emotions of the song in a lovely manner through their dance. Rusvaaiyaan was choreographed by Bertwin Ravi D’Souza and Shampa Gopikrishna.

See it here:

While Amit Trivedi was the composer of the soulful track, it was written by Kausar Munir. In one of his tweets, the composer also revealed that Arshad Khan, a noted esraj player has also featured in the song, which has magnified the beauty of the song.

It is the second release of Trivedi’s new album titled ‘Songs Of Love’. Since its release, it has more than 30k views. It is available on Amit Trivedi’s Youtube channel titled ‘AT Azaad’.