Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin are the new stars of Tony Kakkar’s music video ‘Tera Suit’

Tera Suit clearly didn’t disappoint the fans thanks to Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni’s stunning chemistry.

Tera Suit, Aly Gony, Jasmin Bhasin
Source: Twitter

Couple cum contestants who won hearts at the recent season of Bigg Boss, Jasmin Bhasin And Aly Goni are the new faces of Tony Kakkar’s music video titled ‘Tera Suit’. The song was released for the occasion of Holi and has the signature touch of Tony Kakkar. He has composed as well as Sung this upbeat song.

Three of them i.e. Tony, Jasmin and Aly can be seen stuck in a fancy looking jail with a lot of prisoners. Soon they begin to party hard to the upbeat song. Fans were excited to see Jasmin and Aly star in something together once again after their appearance in Bigg Boss. This music video clearly didn’t disappoint them thanks to their stunning chemistry.

See the ‘Tera Suit’ music video here:

It has only been a few hours since the music video released, but it has made it to the #2 trending position on YouTube India and crossed more than 1 million views.  Terra suit can be seen on Desi Music Factory‘s YouTube channel and has been produced by Anshul Garg.