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After ‘Bambai Main Ka Ba’, Anubhav Sinha releases a romantic track in Bhojpuri

Anubhav Sinha

The first look of the new song ‘Bae Babuni was shared by Anubhav Sinha’.

After the success of ‘Bambai Main Ka Ba’ with supremely talented Manoj Bajpayee, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has presented another Bhojpuri track. This time, it’s of the romantic genre.

The new song is called ‘Bae Babuni’. The director has presented as well as produced the track under his production banner. The song also features Abhay Verma. It mostly focuses on the concept of young couples engaging in minor fights of the friendly kind.

When the first look of the song was shared by Sinha, it said, “What’s love if not for those cute fights which make you fall in love even more? #BaeBabuni releasing soon.”

See it here:

A snippet of the audio was also released shortly which said, “Verified
Hey all Bhojpuri girls in da house show the song some love tomorrow. #BaeBabuni ❤️❤️?????❤️❤️❤️
DrSagar Jnu Anurag Saikia.”

After the long wait, the music video was also released on the official Youtube channel of T-Series. The description said, “Bae Babuni” is a romantic number showcasing cute fights between young couples featuring Abhay Verma, composed by Anurag Saikia, penned by Dr Sagar and sung by Vivek Hariharan.
It’s funny, isn’t it, how silly fights make you fall in love even more. Even if you stop talking to each other, you know you are still in each other’s heart. Come feel the love through this adorable song! #baebabuni ”

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