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Actress Vidya Balan turns coolie for a day !

Actress, Vidya Balan, coolie

Actress and powerhouse performer, Vidya Balan, having essayed versatile roles through the course of her career, now plays a real-life coolie for an upcoming tv show, Mission Sapne.

With Mission Sapne, 10 carefully chosen people’s prayers get answered when a celebrity lives a commoner’s professional life for one day, learning their skills along the way. The celebrities will have to pull out all the stops with their talent, wit and star persona to ensure that business does even better. The money earned by the celebrity will then be multiplied by 100 .This amount will then be handed to the person by the celebrity.
Vidya Balan chose to support Manju, Rajasthan’s first female coolie. True to Manju’s profession, Vidya Balan went out of her comfort zone to turn coolie for a day, where she actually helped people unload their luggage.

Said Vidya Balan, “As public figures/ privileged people, we sometimes forget that most people face hardships and struggle to make ends meet. Stepping into Manju’s shoes has been an eye-opening and humbling experience for me. The difficulties she faces are tremendous, especially in a job which is completely dominated by men who believe that being a porter is not a woman’s job. I am glad that, through Mission Sapne, I have been able to facilitate some change in Manju’s life. I really hope that I have been able to make a sizeable contribution to help her in building her children’s futures.”

Adds producer Smruti Shinde, Director of Sobo Films “Vidya Balan epitomizes woman empowerment in every sense and redefined the way women were perceived in Indian cinema. That made her the ideal personality to support Manju, Rajasthan’s first female coolie”.

While the first season of Mission Sapne had Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor amongst others, season two will continue to add a whole lot of happiness with some of the biggest and popular names in the entertainment industry.

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