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Actors experience with the dreamy land MUMBAI!

Actors, experience, dreamy, MUMBAI

Mumbai: City with dream and this time we have come up with few actor who expressed few words when they entered Mumbai.

SHRAVAN REDDY: “I remember staying at a friend’s place on my first day. The only thing I remember was I was all alone in the house since my friend was out on work and I was very low the whole day and probabaly clueless and a bit emotional.”

ZAIN IMAM: “It was like just any other day but since the city was new to me so was a bit skeptical about the environment.”

RIDHYMA M TIWAARE: “My first day in Mumbai was when I came here for my college education. It was Sophia Peddar Road and it was the most exciting day of my life because I lived on campus my entire teen years. I never got trendy haircut or trendy clothes. My parents never let me grow my nails. But in college my mom accompanied me for all these things & lovingly said now I could demand for any thing which she coud afford. As I was a grown up lady. She always believed that one shoud not give children before its time. They stop valuing it that is so true. That time in Mumbai about 8 to 9 years ago. It was feeling like I was a bird so free.I wanted to fly. Well that I considered my first step towards getting to know my path to where I am today. Because the exposure I got that time as a student is helping me till date.”

SANDEEP SINGH: “My first day experience in Mumbai was quite filmy. When I landed here I did not know anyone except my one junior friend from college. So I went with him at his place but found his place far more like big boss house, full of strugglers. I did not want to get negative or feel depressed about Mumbai. So I left his flat and searched a new place at my own. New feelings were floating while exploring the city of dreams on my first day. Madly in love with Mumbai now.”

MITIL JAIN: “I was born and brought up in mumbai. I am a hard core towny, Marine Lines. So my first, middle and last experience of Mumbai is and will be a city of dream and joy. Love being a Mumbaiite. In Mumbai, for good people there are good experience and for bad people there are bad experience”

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