Actor Simran Goraya a person with golden heart for womens!

Mumbai: We have heard a lot about different people who shows respect for women’s, love for pets but this time…

Actor, Simran Goraya, women

Mumbai: We have heard a lot about different people who shows respect for women’s, love for pets but this time our Bollywood Dhamaka team member met a wonderful person who is not a show off person but when we had a conversation with him then he revealed a lot about his which can leave you with no answer.

Simran Goraya, a person with lovely heart and who love to respect women’s and did a lot for them.

He said, I am from Uttrakhand and the weather condition is not good, as have 11 dogs including English cocker spaniel and had dedicated people to take good care of them and along with this I love to take care of the stray dogs. Whenever I go out i try to take food for the stray dogs from home.

On this special occasion of Women’s day I had planned to visit few women based NGO’s with few contest and the one who will win, will take them along for a shopping and a wonderful dinner.

During the conversation when we asked Simran Goraya about his main aim of doing things this way then he openly said, I don’t do things for showoff and I wish to inspire them in a positive way for their life.

In relation to this a well known Bollywood PRO Mona Jaswani said, In one line if i have to say “Simran is the biggest blessing in my life after my family, he is like one of those charming gardeners who has made my soul blossom.” He is the one who has inspired me to be what I am, not try to be someone else. He is one biggest reason of whatever I am today. Always been there with me irrespective of time, place. He once said ” I will always be there for you and you dont have to see the time when contacting me.” I must say it’s been 7 yrs and he meant what he said – There are hardly any guys/ men who motivates girls/ women to achieve their best, and Simran is one of them. On this women’s day I would want to thank you for being so supportive and an amazing human being.

Along with this he revealed few things about his career that soon he will be seen in a Punjabi movie.