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Aamir Khan makes song like Baag D.K. Bose but on other hand he demands certification for the films that doesn’t suit him says Pehlaj Nihalani

Aamir Khan, Pehlaj Nihalani

Former CBFC chief and producer Pehlaj Nihalani is gearing up for his upcoming release Julie 2, which is being distributed by him. While promoting the film, Nihalani interacted with media and in media interaction, Nihalani stated that at one side actor like Aamir Khan makes song like D.K. Bose and on other hand, he demands certification for the film that doesn’t suit actor like him.

Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting appointed a committee was under the Chairmanship of Shri Shyam Benegal to lay down norms for film certification that take note of best practices in various parts of the world and give sufficient and adequate space for artistic and creative expression, lay down procedures and guidelines for the benefit of the CBFC Board to follow and examine staffing patterns with a view to recommending a framework that would provide efficient and transparent user friendly services. And many personalities from film industry demanded ratings to film instead of making cut to film, when asked about implementing Shyam Benegal committee report, Nihalani said, “There are certain people who know how to target CBFC and market, publicize their film which have non-star cast. Films which have made by corporate houses or individual producer whether it’s a film of Salman or Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir or Akshay or Ajay Devgn, they have not supported it. Only actor like Aamir Khan who makes song like DK Bose which had lots of kisses and cuss words but still he managed to pass that film, I don’t how he does that and now the same person says that there should be certification while passing a film that doesn’t suit him”.

“If you have a voice, face and fan following then you should recommend the government to bring rating system. Why they talk only when their film is about to release and they feel that a certain kind of film can face objection from CBFC and that time only you raise your voice because even CBFC committee member get away with big stars and other things. They think that we are watching a film of big star so it changes their attitude. In front of influential personalities, people tend to change their body language, thinking and attitude so they get away with such kind of thing. I feel if you are powerful then you should recommend the government to bring rating system in the CBFC”.

“On behalf of industry and as CBFC chairman, I recommended that there should be at least 6 rating system which doesn’t fall under present guideline so that we can cover that as well but Shyam Benegal committee said that it should be completely reformed. Shyam Benegal as a filmmaker always made film which had adult content right from Ankur, Nishant and Mandi so he thinks that there shouldn’t be certification only but I feel its license for the producer to release their film”.

Julie 2 revolves a girl who aspires to be an actress. However, she has to deal with lecherous men who ask her for sexual favors in order to become a “superstar”. In between all this, there is also some group which is threatening to harm and kill her. Overall, it looks like a dark tale of a woman stuck in a web of show business.

Directed by Deepak Shivdasani, ‘Julie 2’ is all set to hit theatres on 6 October 2017.

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