A possible collab between BTS and Coldplay? The internet can’t keep calm!

See the info. about BTS and Coldplay collaboration here.

BTS, Coldplay
Source: Twitter

One of the biggest collaboration from the world of music industry might just happen between the iconic British rock band Coldplay and celebrated K-pop group BTS. There has been no confirmation yet but as per the rumour mills, both these bands might come together. The name of the track has also been revealed to be ‘My Universe’.

Fans were quick to take notice of the news and bombared twitter with  their excitement regarding the possible collaboration. It source for the information has turned out to be a lyric website who credited Coldplay ft. BTS under the lyrics of the song they had uploaded titled ‘My Universe’.

See the info. about BTS and Coldplay collaboration here:

This isn’t the first time Coldplay and BTS has collaborated as the K-pop group previously got the opportunity to cover one of their songs titled ‘Fix You’ for an episode on MTV Unplugged. Everyone was extremely impressed by the boyband and how they managed to give their own touch to the song.