Birthday Special

Wishing the versatile actor Shekhar Suman a very happy birthday who really made our 90s special-

Shekhar Suman

5 Reasons Why Shekhar Suman Is A Cut Above The Rest

dekh bhai dekh

1. Dekh Bhai Dekh- Sameer Diwan played by Shekhar Suman has not just made us laugh but made us think, too.

Movers and shakers

2. Movers and Shakers- Shekhar Suman’s Movers & Shakers was a landmark show which had the who’s who being roasted and toasted. It made Shekhar Suman our prime time dost.

Shekhar Suman

3. Wah! Janaab- No one could tell that this masterpiece was Shekhar Suman’s debut. With his adab and andaz, Shekhar Suman left everlasting memories etched in our minds.

ek raja ek rani

4. Ek Raja Ek Rani- Shekhar Suman is a living example of ‘Great actors make great comics’. Shekhar Suman moved out of his comfort zone and tried his hands at ‘Ek Raja Ek Rani’, which gave us one of the gems on the Indian television.

chote babu

5. Chote Babu- Shekhar Suman played a progressive character in Chote Babu. From life lessons to friendly advice his character taught us a lot.

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