What tarot card says about Kailash Kher on his Birthday!

Bollywood singer Kailash Kher, who is remembered for his wonderful music in and outside India, is going to release new…

tarot card, Kailash Kher, Birthday

Bollywood singer Kailash Kher, who is remembered for his wonderful music in and outside India, is going to release new songs today.

Today on the occasion of Kailash Kher’s Birthday team BollywoodDhamaka wishes him a very Happy Birthday and along with this our tarot card reader Rohit Dua revealed that what Kailash Kher card says about his coming days.

See here what Rohit has to say about Kailash Kher’s cards:
He has drawn strong and temperamental cards. Professional life will be fine since opportunities will keep coming his way but his health and relationships with professional acquaintances will get stressed in the coming 12 months. The past one year was important for him professionally because he must have found some very stubborn situations or people working in his favor and also he got some relief from some very sticky situations.

Till January 2017 there could be issues with people, who work for him or with him. He also needs to be careful with his own staff or the people who work for him on a day to day basis. There is some unexpected trouble or hurdles from his own staff. It could be done on purpose.

He should resolve the problems on hand before moving on to something new. Post January 2017 there could be issues with a very important man. The Emperor card which is reversed in the future position implies trouble from a man or with a man who is rich, affluent, very powerful on the professional front, very aggressive and suffocatingly dominating.

They could have jealousy issues between each other but I hope he handles the situation using his mind and at the same time controls his temper. He could also have some health issues especially related to his stomach or colon. Surgeries are also likely in the coming few years. On the personal front I see an elderly woman who has helped him a lot in the past one or two years.

A woman blessed with money, very resourceful, extremely shrewd in using people but someone who knows the tricks of the trade and is very well connected. I don’t see her presence in his life right now. There is some tangible or unexpected benefit on the personal front before January 2017. Post January 2017 there is an important award which is likely to come his way, something that will make him very happy or could be a professional milestone in his career. He needs to be careful with the food he eats or if he has any addictions. He also needs to drink more water or consume more pro-biotics to keep his body temperature under control and this will also help him with his temper. Wearing an emerald of 8 carats or more in gold will be lucky for him and will also help him with his health issues.