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Happy Birthday Zoya Akhtar! Here are the things that make her one of the most genuine filmmakers yet

Zoya Akhtar

On the occasion of her special day, let’s take a look at all the elements that have made her storytelling and vision, one of a kind in the Hindi film industry:

Noted director Zoya Akhtar is celebrating her birthday today. She began her filmmaking career by directing the 2009 film ‘Luck By Chance’. She won the hearts of critics although the film underperformed at the Box Office. Through the years, her storytelling and filmmaking evolved and has made her one of the finest directors of Bollywood.

On the occasion of her special day, let’s take a look at all the elements that have made her storytelling and vision, one of a kind in the Hindi film industry:

1.  Mesmerising Cinematography

Zoya pays attention to the cinematography as much as the background score and acting to invoke emotions within the people who are watching her films. This factor helps fan get familiar with the characters more and makes the scene more genuine.

2. Reality in Riches

In most of her films, Zoya has showcased the tales of elite families within India. Despite having a lavish way of living, Zoya’s storytelling manages to prove how people who are capable of getting everything can also be unhappy beings, making it relatable to the common audience who are engrossed in the story.

3. Offbeat yet entertaining

The stories in her films might be unconventional and offbeat, capable of smashing stereotypes, Zoya manages to keep the watchers entertained by having a stellar star cast and a witty sense of humour in all of her films. Be it all the barf puns Ranveer Singh’s character came up with in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’, Safeena’s personality from Gully Boy or Bagwati from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

4. Legitimate character arcs

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Zindagi na Milegi dobara is one of those rare gems that comes once in a generation. It wouldn't be wrong to describe this film as a journey for the search of your true self. The most pivotal moment of this film was the confrontation of Imran with his biological father. Up until this moment, Imran appeared to be the kind of guy who was always cool and funny with all his silly pranks and his carefree attitude. But deep inside, he was vulnerable, searching for some answers and his true self,as perfectly described by Lulia "you laugh a lot,but your eyes are sad". And when he finally met Salman habib,his heart broke. He saw his own reflection through his father and realised he doesn't want to be the kind of person like him. What I loved the most about this scene was the character of Salman Habib. Sure,he was a self- centered person who placed himself above anyone else,this is not something to get inspired of. But he was an honest man. He could have manipulated Imran easily,but he didn't. He didn't sugarcoat his words and told exactly what the truth was. And this was the main reason Imran found his true self. That's exactly how a journey of self discovery is,filled with heartbreaks, but in the end, everything is worth it. #cinema #cinephile #zindaginamilegidobara #movies #cineplexsociety #zoyaakhtar#farhanakhtar #moviescenes

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Unlike what the mainstream Bollywood has been telling us throughout the years that the protagonists are always right and the villains are the evilest, Akhtar has the most genuine character arcs in her films that beautifully prove that every human is capable of making good as well as bad decisions.

5. Right amount of emotional balance

Her films never come off as too preachy or something people aren’t able to relate to. She adds the right emotional balance within her stories that all kinds of people, be it old or young are able to feel something and take back a wonderful experience as they leave the theatre.

Here’s to looking forward to more masterpieces by her in the future, we wish Zoya Akhtar a very happy birthday!

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