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Happy Birthday: What Tarot card says about Salman Khan upcoming year

Happy Birthday, Tarot card, Salman Khan

Mumbai: Superstar Salman Khan, who is remembered as the most successful celebrity in Bollywood industry. Mostly, actor plan to spend quality time with the family. But Salman Khan 2014 birthday plan has not yet been disclosed and we are waiting for it. 

In relation to this our Tarot Reader has came up with few words in relation Actor Salman Khan’s upcoming year 2015 in work opportunities and Success.

Work Opportunities (Nine of Wands): This card implies an aggressive temperament combined with an ability to read between the lines. Health issues, probably an injury or a surgery; could be a cause of concern. This card implies a youthful soul hence the charm and fan following will remain intact but professional relationships could be strained. Business or production ventures may exceed the planned budget or incur losses.

Success & Recognition (The Hermit card in the reversed position): Hermit is the card of wisdom, sound decision and an ability to dig into your own soul. However, since this card is reversed. His ability to make decisions or choices will not be at its best. He will face obstacles in making the right choices. He should avoid any major decisions especially if it can be postponed for a year or so. Any unwise decisions made in the coming 12 months will make him regret for a very long time.

By Rohit Dua (Tarot Reader –

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