Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra | See what tarot card says about actress

Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra, who is really enjoying her success in entertainment either we talk about Bollywood or Hollywood screen….

Happy Birthday, Priyanka Chopra, tarot card, actress

Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra, who is really enjoying her success in entertainment either we talk about Bollywood or Hollywood screen. Today, team BollywoodDhamaka wishes Priyanka Chopra a very very happy returns of the day.

On this occasion Bollywood Dhamaka famous tarot card reader Rohit Dua opened the tarot card for actress Priyanka Chopra and see what card says about actress.

Priyanka Chopra (18th July): Her work reading shows disappointment till February 2017. She should also be careful with the people she comes across in the coming six months. There are two sword cards and both  are reversed.

It implies a phase of frustration and stagnation professionally both in the native land as well as overseas. The past six months or a year did not give her the results for the hard work she invested.

In the coming six months she needs to be careful with people who handle her money like her accountant or people who manage her taxes. She will come across a lot of people who will stab her on her back. With her cards I would not advice her to get into production or any large scale business deals. I see an elderly man, someone who could be a lawyer or from a professional background.

This man is blessed with power, intelligence, is crafty and very manipulative. Though he has a very blunt tongue something that makes people stay away from him. February 2017 onwards, I see her getting a good acting assignment or a role which comes from a prominent production house. I am not saying the role will work out as it is promised to her but the end result will be a movie which is lavish, up scale and gives her the professional boost she is looking for.

She will also make good money post February 2017. She has drawn a lot of Saturn cards in her personal life reading. Any business venture or high scale investments will give her tension and the funds could get blocked. In the past one year or so, she could have been stabbed on the back by people she has trusted or been close to. Page of Pentacle’s card is reversed in the present phase.

This card implies a business venture or an investment idea which requires huge funds, is not  easy to start but when it does  start it gives disappointments to the people involved in it. Business or production of movies is not for her. She will continue to make good money through her acting assignments, which will support her lifestyle well enough. Emotionally she is not very fortunate but her finances will be better as she ages. I don’t see any marriage in the coming 12 months. She might come across a good or a rich matrimony alliance post February 2017.

Getting married to someone based in a foreign land will be better for her. The Star card is reversed in the future position. There will be unwanted tension in her personal life post February 2017. I see issues with her sleep pattern and spine. She is intuitive, stubborn and blessed with a survival instinct. Something that will ensure she makes wise decisions even in trying times. She needs to wear a lot of blacks, reds, especially blood red, maroons, dark purple and brown in her clothing. She will always be stabbed by female friends. It will be better if she is cautious on that front.