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Happy Birthday Abhishek Bachchan; See what Tarot card says for next 12 months

Happy Birthday, Abhishek Bachchan, Tarot card

Mumbai: On this special occasion of Birthday Actor Abhishek Bachchan enjoying his time with family and the social media accounts of the actor is flooded with wishes. Along with this Bollywood top celebrities has wished the actor on twitter.

Today, BollywoodDhamaka tarot card reader Rohit Dua has said few words for the actor Abhishek Bachchan’s coming 12 months.

See what Abhishek Bachchan card says about his coming days:

Eight of Sword’s card is in the reversed position. He should stay away from producing high budget movies in the coming year. This is a card of stagnation so production ventures will go through unwanted delays and losses.

Health issues are likely to increase especially concerning the liver. If he is fond of alcoholic drinks then he needs to reduce the same. His liver is weak and needs to be careful.

Legal issues may get more messy or troublesome. He might come across a role which is not central in the story line and may also be with grey shades (negative). A role of this kind will bring recognition and appreciation.

If he comes across foreign offers for acting assignments then he should accept the same. It will work in his favor.

By: Rohit Dua (Tarot Reader)

Contact: +91 96195 14705, +91 9920611020
skype: rohit.dua7

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