B’day Special: Here’s what made Irrfan Khan the ultimate legend to come out of Bollywood cinema

On his special day, we bring you some information about what made Irrfan Khan so legendary.

Irrfan Khan, Birth Anniversary
Source: Twitter

Today marks the birth anniversary of the gem of an icon, Irrfan Khan. He genuinely was the best of the best to come out of Bollywood. His performance and work within the world of cinema has struck and emotional chord with lots of people who admire him to this day and call him an icon.

On his special day, we bring you some information about what made Irrfan Khan so legendary:

1. He hailed from a town called  Tonk from the state of Rajasthan. He began his journey towards pursuing his dreams by getting a scholarship at the National School of Drama.

2. Irrfan is also one of the outsiders from Bollywood who began his career by being associated with the Television industry formerly. He was a prominent face in shows like ‘Chandrakanta’ and ‘Chanakya’.

3. Oscar-nominated film by Mira Nair ‘Salaam Bombay!’, was the first official film Irrfan Khan debut with, in Bollywood. Unfortunately, his scene had been edited out of the film in the final cut.

4. Before impacting Bollywood, he had already garnered global praise due to his performance in the film ‘Warrior’ that was helmed by Asif Kapadia. He was soon acclaimed nationwide as well through the 2005 film ‘Rog’.


5. It has also been reported that the actor rejected many Hollywood roles as he wanted to do more projects in the Indian film industry.

In 2020, Irrfan lost his life after a long battle with neuroendocrine tumour. On 29 April 2020, he passed away after contracting a colon infection. However, the work he has done continues to affect all of his avid fans. May his soul rest in peace.