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Ali Fazal B’day Special: Top roles that prove his versatility in acting

Ali Fazal

Hence, on the occasion of his birthday, let’s take a look at all his versatile performances:

Bollywood star Ali Fazal is one of the finest actors belonging to the Indian film industry in today’s time. He has been as successful in making a name for himself within the digital space as well as overseas! There have been only a few actors who have managed to earn that status.

One of the reasons why he has such a presence within the entertainment business is because of his versatility. Ali has the ability to do roles which are always very different from what he attempted previously and donning those characters like his second skin. Hence, on the occasion of his birthday, let’s take a look at all his versatile performances:

1. Joy Lobo (3 Idiots)

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Joy (3 idiots,2009) "Dear Joy Lobo, I wish I could watch three idiots everytime it comes on my small tv without internally reminding somebody to ask you whether you are doing okay. From the very first time I caught a glimpse of you, I knew you weren't okay, it might have been the deep sorrow you were trying to hide behind a hopeful smile while speaking to your Dean, or the way you were suppressing your tears, the palpable quake within your voice as you crooned 'Give me another chance I wanna grow up one again.' You were just a child at heart, joy who wanted to live. You wanted to be given another chance, because you were so tired of wishing to be another Rancho, when you had been more capable than you allowed yourself to believe. Infact I wholeheartedly believe you could change the world and its perception of knowledge, success and fullfilment. Only if you had received the recognition you deserved perhaps you would have been happier without the need to prove your worth every second of your existence. You were more than a boy who knew how to fly a drone or the boy who hung himself because he couldn't take it anymore. You were beyond your grades and projects and I wish with a heavy heart you hadn't been reduced to a student who failed to live up to society's expectations of what success should be. Joy the world had been cruel to you. You needed to be held with the warmest hug and patted on your back for all of your unacknowledged accomplishments. You needed somebody to tell you it's okay, to look into your eyes and whisper that failures don't define who you are till you were able to look at yourself in the mirror without your dean's words staining every inch of you. Most importantly it's okay not to be okay and there should be no hesitance in accepting it. Joy it's been 10 years of you gone but you stayed within my heart for so long that i can see myself taking your shape. There have been occasions when i couldn't take it any longer either. I wanted to be anything but a failure. Although my grades would beg to differ, I yearned to succeed too but I lost my way amongst all those ranchos and I couldn't find my way back anymore. (Contd in comments)

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Some of you might not even know this but it was Ali who played the role of Joy Lobo in one of the most successful films of 2009, 3 idiots. Although it was a small appearance,  his character imprinted upon every watcher’s mind and made them realise the toxicity of the education system within our nation.

2. Zafar (Fukrey)

His role within the Fukrey franchise was also appreciated a lot by the audience. He starred in the lead along with 3 other actors, i.e. Pulki Samrat, Manjit Singh and Varun Sharma. Unlike the rest of the goofballs, Zafar is the soft-hearted and the quiet one in the group. His role balanced out all the over the top comedy in the film series.

3. Abdul Karim (Victoria & Abdul)

This English film was of the comedy drama genre. It featured Oscar winner Judi Dench with Ali Fazal. People were quite impressed with the comic nature Ali displayed in the film along with some really emotionally intense scenes. His character was undoubtedly fascinating, captivating and highly intriguing.

4. Karan (House Arrest)

This Netflix film was definitely a unique one. It featured the actor playing the role of an agoraphobic person, i.e. the person who fears unusual circumstances and doesn’t leave home as a result. Despite that, he gets caught in the whirlwind of mobsters and gangsters. It is an entertaining watch with Ali in a very interesting yet unconventional avatar.

5. Guddu Pandit (Mirzapur)

This has to be one of the best roles of Ali’s career. ‘Guddu Bhaiya’ from the Mirzapur franchise has a special place in every fan’s heart. He had a authentic character arc in the first season of the show which depicted many shades of his character. The second season is going to release soon and everyone is extremely excited to see Ali as ‘Guddu’ once again.

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