SHOCKING: Aarya Babbar CRUCIFIED for bringing out the ‘REALITY’

Mumbai: “What is wrong in speaking the truth? What is wrong in admitting the past? Isn’t Bigg Boss a ‘REALITY’…

Aarya Babbar

Mumbai: “What is wrong in speaking the truth? What is wrong in admitting the past? Isn’t Bigg Boss a ‘REALITY’ show? Then why is Aarya Babbar being EXPECTED to HIDE the REALITY on it?”, questioned Aarya’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar, in response to the Housemates and select Twitterati blaming the Bollywood actor for revealing his past relationship with actress and ex-co-star Minissha Lamba on television.

“Why is Aarya being crucified for speaking the truth?,” reiterates Dale. “If a lady admits her past, it is fine. But if a guy admits it — that too, in a gentlemanly manner; and when provoked and asked — it is labeled as beizzati (disrespectful). Isn’t that double standards?”, asks the public relations specialist.

In a clarification last week, Dale had already mentioned about Aarya having told him that Minissha was desperately trying to meet and discuss Bigg Boss with him before the show rolled.

He had even said, Aarya could show phone call records and messages to the media, to prove this when he comes out. When questioned about their equation, Dale had even mentioned, “They had a thing for each other in the past.” Now Aarya has said the same things on Bigg Boss, establishing that his PR had the facts in place all along.

After an outburst on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan, Aarya revealed that his relationship with Minissha had ended on a sour note, but they preferred to stay cordial with each other.

Aarya must have really been fond of Minissha, which is why, when he was asked by the Bigg Boss team before the show, if he wanted to recommend anyone else, he had taken Minissha’s name (another fact he revealed on the show). Little did he know that she would bad-mouth him behind his back and even call him a “Thali Ka Baingan” (a disloyal and fickle-minded person) on Bigg Boss; which led to his flare up.

What can we say! If one is chided by the Housemates and public for speaking the truth on a ‘reality’ show, others may attempt to hide truth in future!