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Mentor Pooja Bedi may have to give up on Minissha Lamba in Bigg Boss 8

Pooja Bedi, Minissha Lamba, Bigg Boss 8

Mumbai: Former Bigg Boss Housemate Pooja Bedi has mentored Season 8 contestant Minissha Lamba about survival tactics on the reality show.

Pooja has admitted in the media, “Yes, I gave her (Minissha) some survival tips as I have hosted a segment of the show during the second season and have participated in the fifth. I know the workings from behind the scene and within the House.” (sic)

Minissha’s main opponents in Bigg Boss seem to be her one-time close friend Aarya Babbar and The Xpose heroine Sonali Raut. The trio are also the most recognizable names in the current season yet.

Coincidently, both Sonali and Aarya share the same publicist — Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar — who is the sharpest spin doctor for reality shows. Apart from having handled the publicity for maximum number of Bigg Boss contestants (sixteen; including Sonali and Aarya), Dale also handled all the hype and hoopla for Shilpa Shetty during her international racism controversy on Big Brother.

Last week, Minissha along with other Housemates, fired her first salvo on Sonali Raut. But the PR expert, with his media maneuvers, swiftly turned the situation in his client’s favour, taking the stance that Sonali was being ‘targeted’. She was evicted but everyone felt it was unjust for the Housemates to have judged her for her quietness and cornered her. In a shocking twist, Sonali was back on the show with a bang.

This week, Minissha claimed that Aarya Babbar had tried to contact her before Bigg Boss, in order to plan, plot and fake a romance with her on the show. But the publicist again stepped in, to his client’s aid. In a complete turnaround of events, he has revealed that it was actually Minissha who was keen to contact Aarya before Bigg Boss.

Dale has also stated that Aarya could show his phone call records and messages to the media on his return from Bigg Boss, to prove that it was actually Minissha, and not him, who planned to plot.

Now, now! Let us remind you that this guy is the same publicist who came to Pooja Bedi’s rescue when she was attacked by Mahek Chahal’s fans on Twitter during Bigg Boss 5. But this time round, if Minissha’s mentor wants to save her friend from Dale’s PR web, she may not have much luck.

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