Vidya Balan on a special date !

Vidya Balan

Powerhouse performer ,Vidya Balan, prefers staying away from the limelight and when not in front of the camera , enjoys spending quality time with her close friends and family.

We found the actress recently went on a special date with her niece and nephew .

Vidya picked the kids up from their playschool (Little Boo Peep ) in the suburbs and headed to their favorite dessert shop to gorge on chocolate cake . She then took them to a book store ,where she read their favorite bedtime story to them and bought them a whole lot of books .

In fact Vidya is such a doting aunt, that she ensures she is present for every single school event the kids have…the last time she took a 5amflight from Kolkata be on time for their annual day performance.

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