“The statement that I’m a blockbuster star but not a great actor never bothered me,” said Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

On the audio show “Kissa Khwaabon Ka”, available on Audible Suno, Katrina Kaif talks to host Anupama Chopra about her struggles in not only the movie industry but life too. Listen to the episode for the entire scoop!

Here are some of the most astonishing and inspiring things she had to say:

“The statement that I’m a blockbuster star but not a great actor never bothered me”

Katrina Kaif vent out saying how the fact that the media and industry take her to be a blockbuster star but not a great actor did not bother her. She always wanted to be loved by the people and be seen as attractive by them because she felt unseen in her growing years. Therefore, being a blockbuster star fulfilled that and that is what she always wished. She believes that she did what she set out to do and she finds it incredible.

“If you are weak at something or if you don’t understand something then search for answers. Don’t just sit and accept. I’m not much of an accepting person of uncomfortable and unhappy situations”

Talking about her belief in working your way to success no matter how hard it is, Katrina says that if she feels that something has the power to make her feel weak or insecure or unsure of herself, she doesn’t just sit cluelessly and feels bad about it. She sits with it and figures out the cause and look for solutions.

“I’m a huge believer of self-therapy and think everyone should do it”

Highlighting the magic of self-therapy, Katrina expressed that she believes in sitting alone with a calm mind and analyzing her emotions, her problems until the time she finds a cause and solutions to them. She believes that self-therapy is stronger than sitting in any chair for therapy from someone else.

“I was so painfully shy that till the age of 14, I would hug my mom if there were people around.”

Katrina laughingly shares the fact that in her growing years she was so painfully shy that she could not even talk to a person. Forget about talking, if she would see any people around, she used to hug her mom from her waist and hide her face into it. This also turned out to be a huge reason why Katrina felt unattractive throughout her growing years.

“I don’t believe in Ego. If my ego is hurt it’s something I need to look at”

Katrina mentioned she does not entertain anyone’s ego, as she do not believe in ego. If ever her ego gets hurt, she believes in figuring out by her own self. Having said, she claims that she has worked with stars like Khans, Hrithik and Akshay but never faced any such issues with them. Indeed, she is good friends with all.

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