Taapsee Pannu takes an initiative to educate the young girls of the nation

Taapsee Pannu will use her stellar appeal and best of her abilities to bring forward a change in the lives of young girls.

Taapsee Pannu, icons for Change

Noted Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has become an agent of change under the initiative by Tring known as ‘Icons for Change’. She will use her stellar appeal and best of her abilities to bring forward a change in the lives of young girls of our nation by providing them with education.

The New Year brings with it new beginnings, new resolutions and for a growing number of us, it is also to give back to society through our time and support. One of India’s favourite daughters and film industry superstar – Taapsee Pannu kickstarts 2021 with a stronger push in supporting girl child education through a sustained effort.

Taapsee Pannu

Every month she is going to make herself available for a live video call with chosen participants to interact with her. With the expected participation of corporates, businesses and fans, the entire proceeds of the booking for each of the interactions, will go directly to the icons chosen cause – 100% of the amount donated and no deductions in any way or form. This would mean funding the education of 100 girls with every call. Or an entire school full of girls in a year.

Icons for Change – an initiative launched by Tring, India’s largest celebrity engagement platform, will feature a number of iconic stars in the country, across various sections of society, who have chosen their respective missions – be it education for girls, women welfare, child protection or other various social causes.

Taapsee Pannu, being the first icon of this initiative, brings with her a distinct personality and wide appeal, that cuts across all sections of society. Her performances in Pink, Badla, Mulk and very recently Thappad have seen her portray a repertoire of roles that pushed her creative abilities. Through Icons for Change, she hopes to inspire people to come forward and make 2021 a year of big changes.