Swara Bhaskar goes the ‘natural’ way!

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar believes in keeping it natural when it comes to beauty care. The versatile actress known for her natural acting and playing challenging characters with great aplomb is turning vegan.

While sharing beauty tips, she said, “I love natural things, so I keep mixing ingredients from my kitchen to make natural scrubs. I also regularly visit my dermatologist. I try to consume freshly prepared food. I always forget to drink enough water, so I try to make up for it with fresh fruits and coconut water. And green tea, which soothes you and is great for the body.”

Swara is very particular when it comes to her fitness and is strict about her workouts too. “Good health is a boon. For me, health means a fit body, a sound mind, a loving heart, and a soul brimming with excitement, positive energy and fulfillment,” she says.

“Diet and sleep are the keys to glowing skin. A diet comprising fresh vegetables, fruits, and lot of water and fluids, and which has the right balance of proteins, carbs and good fats, results in healthy skin. This should be coupled with regular exercise and sleep that lasts for at least eight hours. In general, I eat well and stay away from packaged foods,” Swara adds.

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