Strangers asking actress Swara Bhaskar to ‘Dekh Kabootar’

Swara Bhaskar, Dekh Kabootar

Mumbai: Tanu Weds Manu Returns has been a roaring success and the entire cast has been praised for stellar performances. The talented Swara Bhaskar returned to her old role as straight speaking Payal in 2015’s first blockbuster Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

And this scene stealer earned rave reviews from industry insiders and audiences alike for her brief appearance as Payal in the film.
Her performance and magnetic screen presence has caught eyeballs and appreciation and it seems the audience’s imagination too.

It is learnt that Swara is now being greeted by friends and strangers alike with the popular line from the film “Voh dekh kabootar”..
The versatile actress confirms the news saying, “Indeed looks like that scene and dialogue has stuck in people’s imagination. I am often greeted now with people asking me voh dekh kabootar. It’s understandable when friends and people i know tease me thus, but funnily twice strangers at the airport and someone in a shop have teased me in the same way”, she laughs.

“I was surprised but took it as a compliment for the film and my performance. It’s nice that people remember your moments in the film, shows that your performance stayed with them.”
Indeed! Well here is one impactful actor, what can we say except voh dekh kabootar.

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