Shraddha Kapoor sprains her foot due to exertion 

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor who has been on a rigorous shooting schedule for her next film Saaho along with the Bahubali actor Prabhas, injured her ankle due to over exertion.

The actress is also simultaneously prepping up for the Saina Nehwal biopic besides shooting for Saaho in Hyderabad. Shraddha recently uploaded a picture of her sprained foot on her social media handle.

Shraddha Kapoor, sprain 
The long shooting hours took a toll on her health along with long sets of cardio over her regular gym regime. The actress has to stand for long duration on the sets and she ignored the pain leading to overexertion.

Once in Mumbai, Shraddha continued playing badminton as a part of her preparation for the upcoming biopic and sprained her foot in that process.

Shraddha has been suggested bed rest and she is going through physiotherapy sessions to recover from the injury.

Shraddha also confirmed, “It’s a deep sprain that needs complete rest and physiotherapy. I’m hoping for it to subside soon.”

The actress hopes to recover soon and get back to her shooting routine.

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