See what Swara Bhasker said about Banaras Hindu University students!

Swara Bhaskar is someone who doesn’t mind calling a spade a spade. Frank and outspoken, the versatile actress has always…

Swara Bhaskar is someone who doesn’t mind calling a spade a spade. Frank and outspoken, the versatile actress has always been known for voicing her opinion on issues related to women and the society.

The versatile actress has now taken on the cause of education and safety for female students at the Banaras Hindu University following an unfortunate incident of a female student who claimed she was sexually harassed by three men inside the campus.

Swara says, “Recently, an unfortunate incident took place inside the premises of Banaras Hindu University wherein a female student was physically abused which was followed by protest from several female students. The protest is still on through different ways and the struggle for safe and secure place to study is still on.”

“It’s very shameful that a woman is being manhandled or sexually harassed in our society. Unfortunately, such a tragic incident has happened in the premise of a teaching institute which is quite painful. It’s learnt that the female students have been facing such problems regularly to the extent that the boys have been spotted masturbating outside their hostel rooms,” she adds.

She explains further, “I think this is quite a dangerous situation for any girl who stays alone in the university far away from her family. Right to information and education is our constitutional right and I think a society can’t term itself as modern, educated and civilized till we are not able to provide basic need to them including education and safety.”

“I salute to the spirit of the girl who faced the unfortunate incident and the female students of BHU University that even after facing several problems, they stood up, raised their voice against it and fought for their cause. Every girl child in India has the right to education in the safe manner. Being a responsible, civilized and educated citizen, I appeal to the people and especially Uttar Pradesh Police, BHU authorities and education ministry to come forward and support the female students and help them fight for their rights to education and safety. There has to be a committee appointed to monitor the sexual harassment cases happening and take strict against the culprits and the ones breaking the law,” informs Swara.

It’s learnt that the prolific actress will also be arranging for a special screening of her critically-acclaimed film, Anaarkali of Aarah which dealt with the problem of women safety and respect through the lead protagonist Anaarkali portrayed brilliantly by Swara.