Sana Khaan: I am very much alive


Mumbai: “I am very much alive and acting,” laughs when quizzed on her alleged death news. Of course, the actor was not always laughing at the case of mistaken identity when her picture was used in stead of the Pakistani actor Sana Khan who died in Hyderabad in an accident.

“I was out with friends and my family and my friends started frantically calling for me.”

It took me a while to realize that it was the viralling of my picture put up with the Pak actor death news by a reputed website
“I had 50 missed calls and hundreds of messages. But what upset my family more were the RIP social media posts!”

The website had carried a corrigendum, but the damage had been done. “My mother was simply terrified. That saddened me most. People should be careful when they use pictures of personalities. It is vital.”

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