Raveena Tandon’s kids to represent animal welfare NGO

Raveena Tandon, Ganesh Acharya, dance

Raveena Tandon’s love for animals is well known and some bit of it seems to have rubbed off on her children, Rasha, 11, and Ranbirvardhan, 8. For, the two kids have now turned brand ambassadors for an animal welfare organisation run by Boman Irani.

A source says, “As the face of the NGO, the two kids will visit different schools and spread awareness about animal rights. They will also share their views about the need to show kindness and compassion towards all living beings.”

Proud mom Raveena says, “This is not new to them since they too are huge animal lovers. My daughter helps me take care of animals that I have rescued. In fact, she herself rescued two kittens and a dog from the streets recently. As brand ambassadors of the NGO, my children are happy that they can take this noble cause forward and make the younger generations aware of their duties towards helpless animals. Statistics show most hardened criminals started young with cruelty towards animals and so, it is important to teach them love compassion and kindness from childhood.” The actress was earlier the face of the voluntary organsation that carries out rescue and rehabilitation work.

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