Raveena Tandon Saves Life of a Girl from Accident

Raveena Tandon, Girl, Accident

Bollywood star Raveena showed her helpful nature and social responsibility side yet again. She rescue of an injured girl in Juhu (Mumbai) on Friday. Raveena is popularly known as Mast Mast girl in Bollywood. She dons various hats on her head perfectly. The ‘Daman’ star has seen her shares of ups and downs but has emerged as a winner always.

Since 2009, she has also been associated with UNICEF on the issue of maternal and neonatal healthcare and wellbeing. The actress joined the organisation to raise awareness about the silent tragedy which unfolds across India every year, with the deaths of 78,000 women from problems arising due to childbirth and pregnancy. Also she inaugurated the ‘Tobacco-free Mumbai Police’ campaign, the campaign and drive will inspire and motivate policemen to let go of the habit by ranking police stations as ‘Tobacco-free police stations’! And supported Street Smart, Street Safe, an awareness campaign for using helmet in Mumbai. Her love for animals is well known and some bit of it seems to have rubbed off on her children, Rasha, 11, and Ranbirvardhan, 8. For, the two kids have now turned brand ambassadors for an animal welfare organisation run by Boman Irani. She was earlier the face of the voluntary organsation that carries out rescue and rehabilitation work.

As per latest news Raveena Tandon was travelling to an event, where she was the chief guest. While the actor was on her way back, she spotted a seven-year-old girl, who was bruised and crying profusely by the road. Several other kids were surrounding the girl. The actor decided to help the child get back home safely.

“Raveena saw a few kids in a troubled situation. She was in Juhu when she saw the injured girl. She got hurt while she was playing with the other kids,” says a source, adding, “When Raveena learnt that the autorickshaws were refusing to drop the girl to her house, the actor decided to take the girl and her friends to the former’s house. The girl’s parents thanked Raveena for her kind gesture.

Raveena confirmed the news, saying, “At the time, I thought that I needed to tend to the girl’s needs. Safety is of the utmost importance, especially in a dire situation like this. I thought the only solution was to drop the child back to her parents.”

Hats off to our Actress have done everything for saving the life of girl. This incident is one more testimony to the hero’s kind-heartedness.

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