Qandeel Baloch: All you want to know about her career, fame and murder

Qandeel Baloch, career, fame, murder

Pakistan’s controversy queen and social media celebrity, Qandeel Baloch aka FouziaAneem was found dead at her bungalow in Multan, Pakistan. After creating buzz three days ago regarding her three previous marriages out of which she accepted one of them; the model was murdered by her brother.

As per the recent reports, it is a case of honour killing, where Qandeel was stifled to death by her brother. Although, the exact reason for the murder is unknown, it is believed that her brother murdered her to save family’s name from maligning because her image.

Baloch had also made a police complain asking for security as her brother threatened her to death after seeing her bold videos and facebook posts.

The late controversial social media celebrity rose to fame after posting semi-nude photographs of hers on various social media platforms and was repeatedly subjected to misogynist comments for her posts.

But it was on Valentines’ Day that Qandeel got real fame for. After Pakistan’s president made negative remarks regarding this western occasion, she posted a hot video on internet while wearing a seductive scarlet dress, which got her more than 70,000 likes along with some hateful comments.

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