Being politically correct is overrated says Kangana Ranaut

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Kangana Ranaut interacted with media to promote her upcoming film Simran on Saturday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Kangana stated that being politically correct is overrated.

Kangana has been extremely vocal about her side of the story about her relationship with bollywood’s one of the biggest stars Hrithik Roshan and recently, she slammed Hrithik about his behavior with her on national news channel.

It all started when Kangana seemingly referred to Hrithik as a “silly ex” in an interview. That very day, Hrithik hit back on Twitter saying that he would rather have an affair with the Pope than the women the media has been linking him up with. From there on, it escalated – legal notices were exchanged, private emails were made public and accusations were made.

When asked Kangana did she got any kind of support from the film industry, to that, Kangana said, “There were few people from the industry who appreciated my stand but some of them still suggesting me not to go out in public about this issue especially people who belong to old school. In this industry, people are being politically correct from many years”

“Since the time, I started working in this industry, people used to suggest me to express my opinion in certain way but I feel we are not politicians to be politically correct all the time. People are hiding themselves from truth so it’s norm that has been there from the longest time but I feel being politically correct is overrated. You can get work in the industry by using it as tool but you are being fake and you are compromising with your inner voice and no longer people will to take you seriously”

When asked what prompts her to take stand against giants of the industry be it nepotism or relationship issues, to that, She said, “When I started out in this industry, I had many aspirations and I wanted to live my life independently and on my own terms but I achieved more than what I expected so now If I continue to live my life by fearing others then I think what’s the use of this freedom “

“I have no qualms whatsoever about statements which I made in public. I don’t take it as a pressure even if I will not have any future in this industry. I always speak my mind. I made a beautiful house in Manali and I love to spend my time there so if tomorrow my film doesn’t work then its fine with me. I just want to live my life on my own terms”

Celebrities like Farah Khan and Sona Mohapatra accused her playing women card and marketing gimmick to promote her film, to that, Kangana said, “I feel dignity of a woman is far more important than any film. Films will come and go but dignity of a person is more important than his/her job or career”

“If anyone will point out finger on my character and call me criminal mind, unstable and irresponsible then I feel you have to protect your dignity without any doubt and shame”

“It’s all shit that people are saying that I am making all these statements just to promote my film. Whenever people will ask me questions about my character and dignity, I will answer them back and if you doesn’t then how you will continue to live in the society”

Simran is a racy, fun film with Kangana Ranaut playing the titular role. It revolves around a Gujarati housekeeping lady in the US allows ambition to get the better of her & gets involved in a world of crime.

Simran is directed by Hansal Mehta and it is releasing on 15 September, 2017.

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