Payal Rohatgi endangers her social media handle; Twitter account gets suspended for the second time

Payal Rohatgi, social media handle, Twitter

Payal took to Instagram to share this news to her fans via a post.

Known for having an extreme mindset and expressing controversial statements on the internet, Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi has landed herself in deep waters, yet again.

This is because her Twitter account got suspended early Wednesday morning as she violated the established set of guidelines of the micro-blogging site.

Payal took to Instagram to share this news to her fans via a post. The post contained the screenshot from Twitter mentioning that her account remains suspended. She captioned the image, “Just Now I am not able to tweet on my verified twitter handle. It is SUSPENDED citing what reasons now.”

Apart from this the actress also posted a video on Instagram, where she was seen saying, “Not so long ago, I realised my twitter account has been suspended. No reason was given or emails have been sent to my official email address. I don’t understand the reason behind this and it is for all of you to figure out with Twitter India that why have they deleted my account.”

Despite having a reputation for using hateful words through her posts, she further claimed, “Neither have I indulged in verbal abuses nor do I use the wrong kind of words with anyone.” She also added, “I try to share facts with everyone. However, this attempt gets projected in a negative light by liberals and people who are extremists and control twitter. I now appeal to the people to ask Twitter to restore my account or else I won’t be able to talk to all of you.”

Once she shared this video, it hardly took any time for her followers to trend #BringBackPayal on Twitter itself while avidly urging the social media website of Twitter to restore Rohatgi’s account.

This, however, isn’t the first time that her account got suspended. Before this, during the month of June, she had her account suspended from Twitter for a week’s duration. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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