Padmapriya Janakiraman impresses all in Chef!

Padmapriya Janakiraman, Chef

Padmapriya Janakiraman is elated with the response to her performance in her recent release, Chef, alongside Saif Ali Khan.

Impeccably essaying the character of a progressive single mom as Radha Menon, in the recently released comedy drama, the gorgeous actress lighted the big screen, showing commendable grace while performing both Bharatanatyam and salsa and matching acting chops with Saif Ali Khan.

Making for a perfect chemistry, Padmapriya’s act ensures that the film serves as a treat for cine-goers to relish. With rave reviews, here’s what critics have to say about the talented actress’ performance in Chef:

Padmapriya is natural and the dusky beauty shares great on-screen chemistry with Saif.
– Asian Age

Saif Ali Khan is good as the hero of the piece but it is Padmapriya, as his Mallu ex-wife who scores more.
– BollywoodLife

Good deal of charm in Saif’s performance, and in Padmapriya’s.
– Live Mint

He receives sturdy support from the actors around him. Padmapriya Janakiraman, in her second Hindi film since 2010’s Striker, is an epitome of poise and grace in the role of a danseuse who has a life of her own but when push comes to shove does not shy away from helping her erstwhile husband get his life back on track.

Padmapriya, who is way too talented to be used as garnishing in a gourmet dish. She and Saif share some natural chemistry.
– Mid-day

Padmapriya is like luscious chocolate who leaves you with a craving.
– Times Of India

The leading lady (Janakiraman) has a smile that reaches her eyes: she feels organic in a way no one else does.

– Indian Express

Padmapriya, who plays Saif’s former wife and a dance teacher in the film, is a beautiful addition and a glimpse of her dance left us yearning for at least a few minutes of a proper dance performance.

– Hindustan Times

When Padmapriya is on screen, she steals the spotlight.

– India Today

Ms Janakiraman sizzles, even on her own.

– Deccan Chronicle

The lovely Padmapriya Janakiraman has a luminous presence as Radha.

– News 18

Padmapriya adds some exotic charm with her looks and effortless expressions.
– Filmfare

Padmapriya Janakiraman as Radha adds to the visual quotient of the film. She is exquisite and a piece of art on silver screen. Carrying herself with the elegance required by her role, Janakiraman was a stunning indulgence in Chef.

– India TV

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