It is not my conscious decision to play bold characters says Zarine Khan

Zarine Khan, Aksar 2

Zarine Khan is gearing up for the release of Aksar 2 after her last film Hate Story 3. She interacted with media on Thursday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Zarine stated that it’s not her conscious decision to play bold characters in the film.

Zarine’s last film was Hate Story 3 and now she is working in Aksar 2 , both films are known for its bold content so when asked her doesn’t she has fear of getting type casted in bold characters, Zarine said, “It is not my conscious effort to do bold characters. Hate Story 3 and Aksar 2, both these films are in suspense thriller genre so people are thinking in that manner. Aksar 2 is love story and Hate Story 3 wasn’t a love story. I played negative character in Hate Story 3 and in this film people will get to know about my character after watching the film. “

“People who think that I am getting into certain kind of image then I think with my upcoming film  1921 in which I am playing completely different character than my previous roles and in my other two films as well, I am playing different characters so I am sure that it will help to clear notions of audience about me”

Talking about Aksar 2 and her character in the film, Zarine said, “Aksar 2 is a suspense thriller. It’s a love story and I feel the audience won’t be disappointed when they will go in the theatres because story of this film is not predictable and they will not be able to guess about nature of the characters till the end of the film  so I think it’s interesting for the audience”

“I am playing Sheena’s character in the film. She is kind of girl who thinks that if she gets a particular job  then she will be able to solve all her problems but exactly opposite happens to her and because of that she gets into trouble and how she gets out of that with her courage and willpower is my character all about”

First installment of Aksar which starred Emraan Hashmi and Udita Goswami was hit, so when asked Zarine wasn’t there any kind of pressure of delivering hit with Aksar’s next installment, Zarine said, “I feel it’s great because Aksar is already a successful franchise and now we are part of successful franchise.  There will be pressure on makers of the film but as an actor, all we can do is do our job to best our abilities and that we have done in this film”

In today’s time content driven films are working as compared to films which have huge budgets and star cast, talking about current scenario, Zarine said, “Its great era and time for film industry now because earlier, big budgeted films or films which had superstar used to work at the box-office but now audience have become very intelligent and now you can’t fool them. Right now, script is the superstar of the film and if film’s script is good and if you take new actors that or make small budgeted films then also audience will like the film so I feel it’s great that our cinema involving”

Aksar 2 is directed by Anant Mahadevan and it stars Gautam Rode, Zarine Khan, Abhinav Shukla and Former Indian cricketer S. Sreesanth in lead roles.

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