Nidhi Dutta on a movie marathon with Bindiya Goswami

Nidhi Dutta, movie, Bindiya Goswami

Nidhi Dutta, daughter of JP Dutta and Bindiya Goswami Dutta, will make her big Bollywood debut this year with Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le alongside Nafisa Ali’s son Ajit Sodhi. The film will be produced by JP Dutta and directed by Binod Gandhi.

As Nidhi is eagerly awaiting the release of her debut film, she has decided to watch all movies featuring her dearest mother and yesteryear actress Bindiya Goswami Dutta. She’s presently on a movie marathon spree of her mother’s films to gauge her acting skills and talent.

Nidhi quotes, “I have been taking time out to re watch all of my moms films lately… As Every time I watch the movies I learn something new watching mom immersed in the roles she had to play was just inspiring .
Every role was different and challenging and she did them all with ease and it never looked like she was being anything but natural… From being the spoilt rich girl in Golmaal to the thief in Shaan … She made it look so natural and fun! that’s something I aspire to learn.”

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