Neetu Chandra to fly to Korea for advanced Taekwondo training for Ladaaku!

Neetu Chandra, Korea, Taekwondo training, Ladaaku

Actress-entrepreneur Neetu Chandra has been gearing up for her forthcoming woman-centric, action flick, Ladaaku.

The talented actress is quite excited to play the title role in what’s touted as India’s first woman-oriented out-and-out action flick, Ladaaku. The versatile actress has been leaving no stone unturned to make it appear interesting on screen.

Doing so, the actress will be visiting Korea by the end of this month for a rigorous training session in Taekwondo. Neetu, who has represented India in World Taekwando Championships, will be stationed in Korea for a month-long schedule and once she is back the Taekwondo experts will fly down to India for two months to help Neetu with advanced training based on the martial art form. Also, they will choreograph few Taekwondo-based action sequences on the set

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