Malaika Arora gives NO importance to social media trolling

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Malaika Aora appointed as brand ambassador of RichFeel on Thursday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Malaika stated that she doesn’t give any importance to social media trolling.

Malaika Arora recently posted a picture on Instagram that evoked several unsolicited responses. In addition to being called out for posting obscene and provocative pictures of herself, some users outright insinuated that she was a gold digger, feeding off her alimony and that she has nothing better to do than going to gym and salon, reacting to that trolls, Malaika said, “That is something which is there. I don’t you think should give it too much importance to that. I honestly don’t give too much bhaav (importance) because at the end of the day, I need my piece of mind to go to sleep with clear head and I don’t want to be get hassled. If anyone want to say anything then it is their wish. I really don’t give at all importance to that”

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Malaika Arora has created her brand for special numbers in Bollywood but lately, she hasn’t been part of any songs, when asked about that, she said, “I also feel little bit sad that there has been long gap since I did my last song so obviously, I am looking forward to it. There has been loads of opportunities but unfortunately, I couldn’t be part of some really fantastic songs but there are some amazing ones coming up in the near future.”

When asked is there any kind of insecurity as lot of other actress are trying to achieve that spot, to that, Malaika said, “I am very happy with whatever songs I have done. I have no qualms about whoever does whatever. I think all girls are fantastic and they are part of some fantastic films”

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Talking about her amazing fitness that she has maintained over the years, she said, “I think it’s just a healthy life style. I always propagated that and always said that eat healthy, exercise, have healthy life style, live well, be happy because I think these are most important aspects of someone’s life”

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Malaika also commented on being part of Farah Khan’s upcoming show Lip Sing Battle, she said, “I was part of very first episode before anybody shot for it. I share great bond with Farah and we both made sure that she starts her show with me and I had great time on that show”.

Malaika last seen in Fashion Khatam Mujh Par song from Dolly Ki Doli which released in 2015.

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