I would love to do biopic on Saira Banu or Nargis says Lara Dutta

Actress and Miss Universe Lara Dutta attended 1st Ever Bloggers Meet of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Miss Universe India 2017…

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Actress and Miss Universe Lara Dutta attended 1st Ever Bloggers Meet of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Miss Universe India 2017 along with Urvashi Rautela on Friday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Lara revealed that she would love to do biopic on Saira Banu or Nargis.

When asked her about her favorite beauty icon and inspiration, Lara said, “I think for me, growing up in Bangalore, we didn’t used to watch recent movies at that time. We used to watch lot of older films so for me actresses like Saira Banu and Nargis were stunning and gorgeous.”

“They had grace and class that was incomparable and those were the things I thought I wanted to emulate as an actress. I didn’t wanted to follow latest fashion trends it was about that kind of charm which has lasted for generation”

When asked Lara whether would do biopic on Saira Banu or Nargis, she said, “Definitely.. If I am offered a biopic then why not.. But those would be very difficult and hard shoes to fill in”

When asked Lara, when media clicks photographs of her daughter does that affect her and on Thursday night two photographers were brutally beaten up by bouncers outside a restaurant in Mumbai for taking photographs of Shilpa Shetty Kundra and husband Raj Kundra. A FIR was registered in the Khar Police station, Mumbai and the two bouncers have been arrested, reacting to that incident, Lara said, “Honestly I don’t think too much about these things. Life is organic. I raised my daughter the way I wanted. As far as media is concerned, whenever I have requested them not to click my daughter’s picture they have always listened to me. So I never had bad experience with them.”

“I think it’s a give and take relationship and I know my responsibilities as a celebrity. Sometimes, it happens that if my daughter is in a good mood then I don’t have problem with it but if she is not comfortable then I will protect her because that is my motherly instinct.”

“I think media and paparazzi in our country is different from paparazzi culture in US so they understand if you request them and I am very grateful for that”

Talking about decreasing number of qualified female participants in beauty pageants in India, Lara said, “The pool of girls that we are getting is slowly getting smaller. It’s difficult to find girls today who are not immediately looking for film opportunities and who are willing to give an international pageant a try.”

“Contesting for beauty pageant is incredible opportunity so we would love to have girls who are intelligent and well spoken because 90% of girls in beauty pageants are pretty looking but I feel the number of girls is getting less who have that kind of confidence.”

Lara has been grooming and training beauty pageants contestant from last 4 years under which contestant participate in Miss India and Miss Universe pageant. Lara last seen Azhar which released in 2016.